Understanding the Human Brain

Brain Arrows ImageThe human brain channel’s the functions or actions to other parts of the body. The brain is divided into two sections; one is the left brain while the other is the right brain with each performing a different function. The left side of the brain is known for its “logical” power while the right side of the brain is known for its “creativity”. This means that the left side of the brain performs any function only after analyzing what you have spoken while the right side performs any function based on your imagination and thinking ability. For example, the learning or doing part of your brain is the left side brain and is the side that interferes with your natural thinking process, its the learning side that tells you to do or move something, consider this, or that, do or not do something. Whereas the right brain side allows you to carry out functions or actions naturally and automatically.

Automatic Pilot

A very good left brain example is the action of driving a car for the first time and particularly with a gear shift. As driving is something new and you still have to learn how to drive, the right side brain has no idea how to function naturally or automatically. So the left side of your brain has to learn by telling your arms, hands, legs or feet, etc., what to do. When you learn to drive for the first time your actions are based on what you want the car to do.

You start the car, hands placed firmly on the steering wheel, the car moves away slowly, you tell yourself I want to change up a gear, so you move your foot toward the clutch some people even look down, you press in the clutch, you move your hand toward the gear stick, you look down to change the gear and then you are reminded that you have to watch the road because you are not driving in a straight line. As you reach top gear, you then try to concentrate on turning the steering wheel to take corners whilst changing down the gears and of course not forgetting to brake.

As we practice, increasingly we become far more proficient and do not have to think so much about what we were trying to do, and in our minds eye the act of driving a car becomes a skill without having to think what to do, now letting everything happen naturally, This is what I call Automatic Pilot – The Ability to See and Then Do, Instinctively

Eye ImageThe Power of Visualisation

Visualisation is one of the most powerful performance tools practised today and in sport the same can be said of track stars, how many times do you see athletes go into a trance like mode before their event, i.e. visualising the task at hand, this is the right brain in automatic pilot running the race without any interference. By doing so this sets them up for the actual event, getting them into the zone and creating total can do self belief. No matter the sport i.e., golf, football or even tennis, The power of Visualisation is Instinctive.

Put It All Together

Putting it all together is the key to success and with the other tools at my disposal I can advise you how to:

  • Understand the effects of stress and stress control
  • Develop concentration
  • Learn about the zone and zone development
  • Reshape your mindset