Release Your Profit Potential

Eight Reasons Why Businesses Don’t Reach Their True Potential

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Release Your Profit Potential is a book for business. It is written in plain, easy to understand language and outlines my findings while operating as a business turnaround specialist. The book in addition to growth mindset focuses attention on eight reasons why businesses don’t reach their true potential.

In highlighting the Eight Reasons, I focus on solutions and feature actual turnaround and outcomes.

The book also explains what is required to grow a small to medium sized business by building on your already substantial knowledge. It will help you improve and develop your management and personnel skills, whilst at the same time identify sources of competitive advantage. Essentially, the book has been designed to open your mind to potential opportunities that may exist within your business and your chosen market place.

If you wish to begin a new business, the eight reasons are a valuable guide to how you should look positively at your market place. Within the book the eight reasons help you identify how to plan your business; price products; take new products to market; recognise the difference between your products and the competition USP’s; how to sell and negotiate effectively, including financial management and planning. In addition, as you have to compete in the market place against established business organisations who may have unlimited resources, it is important that if you are to compete on a level playing field you must utilise your strengths and understand the weaknesses within your business.

Essentially, the book has been designed to open your mind to the possible opportunities that exist within your business. As I have also had experience running a small to medium sized business from startup I understand the difficulties in doing so.

In conclusion, some parts of the book may seem to be laid out as an after course training manual and I make no apology for the fact that it was born out of my highly successful ‘RELEASE YOUR PROFIT POTENTIAL’ training courses.

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