Business WomanAre your sales people listening to their customers in order to understand their real needs – or just to ask their next question?

As a business professional, do your sales people apply a consultative sales process that allows them to get to know their clients desires, needs and wants through questioning, conversing and active listening. By asking good questions and then letting their prospects speak at length without interruption, they are able to learn about their actual business requirements and gain their trust.

At the end of the day, they don’t actually try to sell their product or service to the client, but by listening to the clients comments actually build a “solution to their requirements” that is not seen by them as being sold anything, in fact they are more than happy to go ahead with the joint solution they and the sales person arrived at.

By employing the above sales process I built a £10 million pound business from startup selling capital equipment and consumer products with each sales person averaging between 6 and 10 new customer every month. In addition, while operating as a business growth and distressed company turnaround specialist I have trained sales people using the same processes.*

What are the benefits:

  • Increased Sales
  • Learn How to Close The Sale More Effectively
  • Learn How to Negotiate Properly
  • Learn How to Handle Objections
  • Achieve Better Prices


Bespoke Training Courses

Seminars and bespoke Half Day Training Courses can be delivered and run throughout the country to suit.

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*See References